We are very excited to announce that OFFSHORE INTERNATIONAL is now live. Brenda presented a tiny sneak preview at the amazing World of Matter conference in Montreal and it is now up for all to see.

OFFSHORE INTERNATIONAL follows the story of the proliferation of offshore drilling off the coasts of Ghana, Brazil and Alaska. For the past two years we have had an incredible time working with filmmakers in each of those areas. Sedem Ofori, a journalist in Accra, Ghana managed to get access to a Tullow FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel)–the huge tankers which are used off the coast of Western Africa. Debbie Dahl Edwardson, our collaborator in Barrow, Alaska gathered amazing, moving stories from Inupiat activists and elders who fear for the future of their community as oil exploration begins in their traditional fishing grounds. In Brazil, we worked with a producer, Daniela Moreira who gathered incredible stories of fishermen whose livelihood has been under attack, activist organizations whose members live under 24 hour police protection and young workers injured on dangerous oil rigs drilling in the enormous pre salt deposits, miles off the coast. Offshore-International brings you dozens of stories from these are communities who are living with the tremendous impacts from the new frontiers of offshore drilling.

It’s hard to say ‘enjoy’ but we hope you find them as provocative, moving and enraging as we do.


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